• Learn on a genuine Harley-Davidson

  • Get hands-on motorcycle training

  • Get your endorsement (Course and Endorsement Clinic ONLY)

  • Proper gear is required. Please see list below


L2R Private Lessons

Need to brush up on some old skills so that you can pass the skills test? Need some more time in the saddle? Want to hone specific skills? This is the way to accomplish it: with some very valuable one on one coaching with a MSF certified instructor. You can schedule as many hours as you need and use our bike or your bike. Gear is required. Priced as follows. Please call to schedule a time.

Dealer provided bike --- $109/hour

Dealer Provided Trike --- $169/hour

Your personal bike --- $79/hour

L2R 101 Course

Our most popular Motorcycle Training Course!
Receive on-range and in-class training from MSF certified instructors and learn the basic skills needed to ride a motorcycle. You will progress to street strategies and emergency skill maneuvers. This class will involve riding among up to 11 other riders in a managed traffic environment. Harley-Davidson Street 500's are provided for the course and included in the registration cost. A valid driver's license or driver's permit is required to take the course but a motorcycle endorsement is optional. Successful completion of this course waives the skills test needed to receive your endorsement, if the endorsement is added within two years!

The 101 Course is offered fully in-person over 2.5 days. The course is a combination of classroom and range time.

We also offer a partially online 101 course option. The partially online course is 2 days of in-person training and 3 hours of online, self-paced, e-course work.

Successfully completing either the fully in-person or the partially online 101 course will earn you a completion card that you can submit to the DMV.

Visit the "Register" tab to sign up today!

L2R 102 Course

Basic Rider Course II is designed for riders who want to develop better street riding skills but are already comfortable with the basics of turning, shifting, stopping, and balancing the motorcycle. You will be instructed by MSF certified coaches. You can ride your own motorcycle or use one of our Street 500's designed for training. A valid driver's license or driver's permit is required to take the course but a motorcycle endorsement is optional. Successful completion of this course waives the skills test needed to receive your endorsement, if the endorsement is added within one year! This is a 10.5 hour, fully in-person course completed over 2 days.

*Bikes may be provided. Additional benefits towards products in our dealership.

Visit the "Register" tab to sign up today!


The Sidecar/Trike II Course is designed for sidecar and trike operators with at least three months of current street-riding experience. In our 9-hour course, you will practice cornering, braking, and swerving. You will also develop street strategies and hazard response skills for making smart choices in your riding. 

A valid driver’s license or driver’s permit is required for this class, but a motorcycle or three-wheeled vehicle endorsement is optional. If you are looking to obtain your three-wheeled vehicle operator endorsement, successful completion of this course will waive ITD’s skills test requirement if the endorsement is added within two years of passing the course. Please note that an “M” endorsement for motorcycle operators will also allow you to operate a three-wheeled vehicle legally.


All Clinics are range only and involve no classroom time.


Riding Practice Session

If you have attended and finished the 101 or 102 course you can attend this 2.5 hour session.  Range only clinic where you will revisit life saving skills and receive more coaching on skills needed to pass the skills test.  Those that need to retest will have priority in the clinic.  

This course is held once a month, please call for schedule and to get on the list for the next available class. 

 * Proper safety gear is required.   


Next Level Riding Clinic

Come out and ride in our clinic for advanced riders. You must have a motorcycle endorsement and your own motorcycle to participate in this clinic. Learn the techniques for slow speed maneuvers, cornering, braking, and everything in-between. 

*This clinic will not get you your endorsement. Bring proof of insurance and registration.   

* Proper safety gear is required.   



Take your skills test here at our dealership! You must have your permit and if you pass the test you can get your endorsement. Bikes are provided for you for $49 or you can bring your own.  

The tester will charge an additional $25 cash.  Bring proof of insurance and registration for the skills test. If you use our bike, we will provide the insurance.  

You must call ahead and schedule the test.  208-338-5599 


Use our bike


Discover the feeling that all riders know but can’t really put into words



Over the ankle footwear

Full length pants or chaps in good condition(no holes)

Long sleeve shirt or jacket

Full fingered gloves

3/4 or better DOT helmet

Eye protection

Visit our store to purchase gear.


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